Torre Baseball Training, LLC is a baseball program designed to help players improve so that they can reach their goals and get their game to the next level. We do this by keeping it simple, just play the game the right way. If you play with us, train with us, you know the deal. Intensity. We focus on teams as well as individuals and want our guys to set goals, and have a plan to achieve them. When you become a part of the Black Sox, we become a part of your career. Whether you are an experienced professional or a young player just starting out we can help you achieve your baseball goals.




Hitting/Fielding & Hitting/Catching Clinics

Sessions include Hitting Drills, Live Batting Practice, Infield & Outfield, as well as Pitching Mechanics, Velocity Training and Catching Drills. Infield and Hitting with Coach Joe. Infield Specific, sliding, diving, and position specific workouts. 

When: Tuesday & Thursday from 5-6:30pm & 6:30-8pm

Where: New Jersey Sports House, 12 Wright Way, Oakland, NJ

$300 for 8 Sessions -1 1/2  Hour Sessions  

Pitching/Arm Strength Clinic

Pitching and Arm Strength Drills to prepare pitchers for the upcoming season. With Coach Justin Cooper and the Power Arm Coaches. Long toss program, flat ground/bullpen work. Chains and light dumb-bell work. Coach Cooper charts all players progress, strike to ball ratio and works on players secondary pitches as well as mastering their fastball.

When: Tuesday & Thursday from 6:30-8pm. 

Where: New Jersey Sports House, 12 Wright Way, Oakland, NJ

Power Arm Program

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr


The Power Arm Program Promotes arm strength, flexibility and wellness, as well as teaching players how to be fast by speeding up their body and arm so that when they reach back for more velocity, they are producing it with the least effort. Power Arm includes resistance training, Speed Chain Training and other exercises developed by former MLB veteran Joe Winkelsas.

The Power Arm Program is 3 days a week with Instructors Bobby Orozco, Josh Graves, or Steve Chapter. The results for this program are phenomenal. Players have picked up a range of 2-10 mph on the program; the average player has picked up 3 mph with the most dedicated players getting 8-10mph. The Program is individualized to fit the specifics circumstances of every player.

When: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 7pm-8:30pm

Where: New Jersey Sports House, 12 Wright Way, Oakland, NJ

$450 for 12 Sessions - 1 1/2 Hour Sessions 

Hitting Programs



College Coaches Hitting and Training Program

When: Saturdays, 2pm-3:30pm From Dec. 5 to Feb. 13 (skips Dec. 26)

What: 45 mins Hitting with College Coaches & 45 mins training with Mike Hoban. Hitting Instructors will be Mike Mobbs, Matt Marotta, Artie Barone (Felician College Coaches) Ray Skjold (Post University) and a Black Sox instructor.

Where: NJSA, 50 Spring Street, Ramsey, NJ

$500 for 10 sessions - 1 1/2 Hour Sessions ( **20 Spots Only)

Pro Coaches Hitting Program with Bob Frassa

When:   Sundays 1030am-12pm From Jan 3 to Feb. 21

What: Hitting Instructors will be Bob Frassa (Cinci Reds) William Walsh (Can-Am Pro League) Ricky Moses (Indy Player) Jaren Matthews (Cinci Reds/Independent) and a Black Sox instructor.

Where:  Batting Circuit-A Team BSA, 231 Greenwood Ave., Midland Park, NJ

$400 for 8 weeks of hitting ( **20 Spots Only!)




Individual and Group Lessons with TBT coaches. We can accommodate all players and can individualize your program to your location and schedule. We would advise that all players do some defensive small group or personal lessons to work on their defense before their next season begins.

Coaches for lessons are as follows:

Coach Joe Torre: Hitting/Infield/Baserunning/Arm Strength

Coach AJ Torre: Hitting/Outfield

Coach Justin Cooper: Pitching/Arm Care

Coach Josh Graves: Pitching/Power Arm Program

Coach Bobby Orozco: Pitching/Catching/Power Arm Program

Coach Steve Chapter: Pitching/Arm Care

Lesson Prices Vary depending on packages time and location. For example, hitting @ NJSH is $50 for 45mins of hitting. The $50 price is only for players who are currently signed in to a full time program or paid for the upcoming spring/summer season.